Knowledge Base - VM2TEXT (Voicemail Transcription) Optional Service

Voicemail Transcription (VM2TXT) is a valuable tool even when it doesn't work 100%. In today's high pressure world with high call volumes, and ever increasing pressure to respond quickly to client needs, sometimes the simple act of listening to messages can bog you down.

How many times have you dialed in to listen to voicemail only to miss a call while doing so?

How many times have you started to listen to a message only to drop that call to answer another (possibly losing track of the message).

Voicemail Transcription provides an solution for message transcription which remains in Canada (no foreign cloud). The transcribed messages can be emailed or sent by SMS to a cell phone while the audio is available for playback when desired.

Voicemail to Email processed with this option enables searching of email. 

Contact your representative today for a demonstration of the system. They can transfer you to voicemail, and forward the results for your review.


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