Knowledge Base - VM2SMS (Voicemail to SMS) Optional Service

VM2SMS (Voicemail to SMS or text message) is an optional upgrade to a voicemail box which causes voicemail message details to be delivered to a cell phone by SMS. This offers key advantages for some people.

Consider if you are:

  • Travelling without voice plan or data access - in most cases incoming SMS are without cost (check with your cellular provider)
  • In areas with weak cell coverage SMS may be received when data is unavailable
  • In areas with high data use / density (like concerts etc.) SMS may be received when data is unavailable
  • In restaurants that will allow you to connect, but not use wifi until you sign in

In all those cases, voicemail notification by email might not work for you and you could find notifications delayed until you connect to the Internet.

VM2SMS can take a copy of your voicemail notification, and deliver by SMS (instead of email or in addition to) which can reduce the chance of any delayed or missed notifications.

To enable VM2SMS please contact your representative.

For details on the two message format options please see the related article.


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