SIP Trunks (VoIP Phone Lines)

SIP Trunks (VoIP Phone Lines) provide a way to connect your in-house phone system (PBX) to dial tone or long-distance services through the network...

... and BitBlock can make it easy!

Modern digital phone systems can often connect to a variety of telephone services to leverage the abilities of different providers. Even if your needs require utilizing existing services (analog, T1, etc.) you may benefit from cost savings and enhanced reliability by adding a BitBlock SIP Trunk. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Cost control or reduction
    • Lower channel cost compared to many other services
    • Reduce or eliminate long-distance or international long distance fees
    • Increase savings by migrating traditional services to BitBlock over time
  • Reliability improvement - even national tier 1 carriers can have problems - having a backup plan keeps your business running
  • Capacity expansion - with elastic capacity expansion, BitBlock can help you handle spikes in call volume
  • Geographic redundancy - BitBlock can create failover handling for your phone service
    • BitBlock can provide emergency call handling
    • Or, we can route your calls to a secondary office location - callers need never know you had a power failure!
  • Flexibility - can be combined with BitBlock Business Phone and BitBlock Residential Phone in one plan / invoice or individually!

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