Telephone service you need, and a price you like, with service you will love!

BitBlock Phone Service delivers a reliable affordable alternative to traditional telephone services (known as POTS for Plain Old Telephone Service!).

BitBlock Phone Services combines your phone lines and phone system (enhanced features) in one easy to use, fully supported service providing a comprehensive feature set which will enhance your telecommunications.

For more details on available features click Business Phone, Residential Phone, or SIP Trunking below.

BitBlock Phone Services utilize VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - for more information see this KB

We are Emergency Contact Compliant Click here for Details.


BitBlock PBX Save money over traditional phone lines. Get more flexibility out of your phone. You can connect anywhere as long as there is good enough internet. It'll look like you're at your desk at your office.


Save on your phone bill - keep your number when moving and more! 

SIP Trunks (VoIP Phone Lines) provide a way to connect your in-house phone system (PBX) to dial tone or long-distance services through the network...

Can you send and receive text messages on your office phone lines? Now you can!

With our phone system, you can eliminate busy signals... and with our new text / SMS options you can make sure you never miss messages either!