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Complete Business Phone Services

Our Hosted Phone / UC Solutions are a fully managed solution. We take care of hardware, provisioning, programming, ongoing support and more. We can assist with installation, and can build custom solutions when required (not many companies have this ability!)

We excel at challenging business cases.

So many Standard Features!

Programming Service

Phone systems / call flows can be complex. Don't become a programmer unless you want to. We will discuss and implement a call flow and can enable you to preview it before activating your new phone service. Avoid costly mistakes with our expert support.

Media On Hold

Also known as on hold messaging - create new opportunities while your callers are on hold by mentioning new services or key information they may be interested in. We can utilize your existing media or assist in full production. Custom Media are a licensed product and an optional service.

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Menu and Prompt Recordings

Self serve or professional voice actors! You choose! With self serve prompts you can update your prompts on demand as changes occur (mention sales, office closures etc.) - with professional recordings, you prompts can be produced and will enable you to present your business with a great sounding voice. Professional Menu and Prompt Recordings are an optional service - one time fees noted here (

Multi-line hunting

One seat does not mean one line. With call waiting and multi-line hunting, additional calls can reach a menu or coworker to help you reach your call completion goals easier.

Call Queues


Call Queues (normally reserved for call centers) are a vastly superior way to manage many call situations - log on / off to share reception duties - enable call distribution. Start with the basics, but when you feel the need you can upgrade with custom reporting and utilization reports (know how long callers are on hold - view growth and determine pain points in your own customer service processes and more!).

Call blocking

*feature implementation varies

*details required

Call screening

*details required

External Call Transfer (ECT)

With this feature, you can transfer a call to an outside party at another office or mobile phone. If preferred, by using attended transfer will allow you to navigate any menus at the remote number so you can complete the transfer by introducing the parties.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Direct calls to voicemail or to a coworker using Call Forward Unavailable

Voicemail to Email and more!

Dial in access to voicemail is still preferred by some (and available) but many prefer Voicemail to Email which can notify you by email of messages - messages can be left on the phone for a backup or removed form the phone after email - a variety of formats and options allow you to get the most out of your phone system wherever you are!

More Information: VM to Email doc required.

Include Link?

Message Format (HTML or Text)?

Attachment Format (MP3 or WAV)?

Find Me / Follow Me (FM or FMFM)

(similar to Shaw Simultaneous Ring)
*can function as an option for voicemail (i.e. "press 1 to try me on my cell?" or can allow simultaneous ring)
*call confirmation informs you before you answer a "work call" - unanswered calls can return to work voicemail - not left on cell
*unlike Shaw's feature, call confirmation can prevent calls from going to cell voicemail and is compatible with multi-line hunding!
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Callback from Voicemail

Leveraging Follow Me, clicking a voicemail can trigger a call back - using preconfigured Follow Me can allow you to complete this call from your cell phone but make it look like a call from your office phone.

Voicemail Overview & Management

Our central managment tool provides details on mailbox setup and allows easy voicemail box resetting or pin changes. Ensure new staff have recorded greetings (or updated the previous ones) - set an extende abscence greeting for a sick staff member on their behalf and more!
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Voicemail Stats Report

Provides use and response details for clients concerned with their metrics!
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Voicemail Transcription (VM2TEXT) *optional service

Utilizing a fully automated (no human involved) Canadian based transcription engine - voicemails can be converted to text allowing you to read your messages.
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Voicemail to SMS relay (VM2SMS) *optional service

This service sends notification by SMS to your cellphone by SMS.
Ideal for users with criticla notification needs or who are frequently offline / out of country - even those who are tripped up by Wi-Fi hotspot sign in requirmeents (which can prevent email notifications!)
Often combined with VM2TEXT
VM2SMS Details:
VM2SMS Format Options:

Hold Music Toggle

Joining a conference? Silence your music on hold - frees you up to take urgent calls without ruining the conference by preventing those remaining from continuing in your abscence!
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Directed Call Pickup

Answer a coworkers phone for them! Someone expecting an important call?
You can grab it when it rings rather than having to wait at their desk.
Also possible through one button keys on many supported phones.
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Unified Communications (UC) Features

Mobilize your team!

Soft Phone Support

Make calls from your cell phone or computer showing your office call display - from anywhere in the world! (reliable internet connection required - cellular and even satellite or ship board calls can be possible!) Transfer, conference, and more.


North America Wide calling (1500 minute Soft-Cap)

Shared Directory / Speed Dial List

LDAP support for LARGE directories

Discounted international calling
Fax-To-Email gateway for every DID (faxes are received and forwarded by email as a PDF)
Auto Attendant (with Night Service)
Call Display
Customized Outbound Call Display
Visual Call Waiting
1 Direct Inward Dial ("Phone Number") to any desired extension(s)
Multiple In-bound Call Appearances (multiple calls on a "line" or on "hold")
3-way Calling (some equipment supports N-way)
Conference Bridge (dial in conference hosting, included with clients holding 5 or more seats)
Call Transfer (Announced & Blind)
Speed Dial
Multiple Ring Groups / Hunt Groups
Call Forwarding (on busy, on no answer, or unconditional)
VoIP Anywhere - take your phone home, or on vacation - to another province or country!
All Multi-seat installations include FREE programming of an Auto-Attendant.

With your permission, we will retain remote access to all phone administrative controls to facilitate remote support and program enhancements / upgrades without requiring on site services. You benefit from faster service and fewer delays and reduced cost (no call out fees, travel time, etc.). No waiting for "the phone guy" ever again to add an extension, change a speed dial or other similar features.

Additional options include:

Additional DID's (provide customers with dedicated numbers for certain departments, etc.)
Porting your old phone numbers to this system (call forwarding provides an interim solution)
Additional custom programming

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