FlexFax Hybrid

So you want the convenience and power of FlexFax services, but you need (or prefer) to keep your analog phone line for another system you're running? We can integrate FlexFax with your analog line too with FlexFax Hybrid.

Versatile, Effective, Unique.

So you want to send faxes from your fax machine and receive them by email, but you need to keep your analog line?


Many companies have certain systems in place that require an analog line some of the time. Some of these systems include: certain types of debit machines, alarm systems, etc. BitBlock can allow your fax machine to share this analog line, and through a series of call forwarding make it so all of your received faxes go directly to email. This way you can have the benefits of sending email from a fax machine the same as FlexFax Plus and save money by sharing your analog line with another system.

BitBlock recommends FlexFax Hybrid to any business who wants to send faxes from an actual fax machine, receive them by email, and who need to keep an analog line for another system. Like the FlexFax Plus plan, this type of service is often most desirable to companies who must fax signed copies of documents to other parties - when you can send faxes from a fax machine the signed document doesn't have to be scanned back onto the computer, it can be sent directly from the fax machine.


FlexFax Specifications

  FlexFax Service Analog Fax Service
Plan FlexFax Hybrid Traditional Phone Line
Recieve Multiple Faxes at a time? Yes No
Send Multiple Faxes at a time? Yes No
Send from Fax Machine? Yes Yes
Recieve from Fax Machine? No Yes
Send from Email? Yes No
Recieve From Email? Yes No
Need a Fax Machine? Yes Yes
Need an analog line? Yes Yes



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