FlexFax Standard

With this service you don't need a fax machine or an analog line to send or receive faxes - you can send and receive faxes over the Internet and people on the other end won't know the difference!


Affordable, Efficient, Productive.

BitBlock's FlexFax Standard plan gives your company a fax number and the ability to send and receive faxes over the Internet without even needing to own a Fax Machine, and people on the other end won't know the difference! Any faxes are sent and received by email from anywhere you have an Internet connection. There is also no need to print a copy of every received fax because they go directly to a digital file, think of the savings on paper and toner and the ease of archiving important documents. The FlexFax Standard Plan is great for businesses with multiple locations and for those trying to cut their paper and toner consumption. Businesses that are just starting out may want to avoid the capital costs of ever purchasing a fax machine by using a plan like this.

Send and receive multiple faxes at a time!

Do you receive any long multi page faxes? With fax to email, faxes can be sent and received simultaneously, which means no more busy signals while you are in the middle of receiving a 200 page legal document.

We keep you updated:

If your fax doesn't go through, you want to know why. BitBlock sends you a report letting you know of any issues, and our tech line is always only a call away. This way there are no mysteries.

Save money

Not only do you save money on paper, ink/toner, and on the capital costs of purchasing a fax machine, it can be much less expensive to pay for the BitBlock Standard FlexFax service than it is to have a phone line through a telecom company. North American long distance is included (subject to plan limitations) and International Long Distance is much less expensive than it is with an analog phone line.



BitBlock recommends the FlexFax Standard Plan for the user who would like to save money on paper and toner with no need to maintain a physical fax machine. With this plan, faxing paper can be accomplished by scanning first. This plan is also excellent for those who work in a decentralized business where not everyone can be near the company fax machine. The FlexFax Standard is an excellent plan for those who need flexibility in their fax service; why pay full price if you send and receive less than 50 faxes a month? Take a look at the different variations in the FlexFax Standard plan to find the right plan for you.

FlexFax Standard Plans







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Monthly Price







FlexFax Specifications

  FlexFax Service Analog Fax Service
Plan FlexFax Standard Traditional Phone Line
Recieve Multiple Faxes at a time? Yes No
Send Multiple Faxes at a time? Yes No
Send from Fax Machine? No Yes
Recieve from Fax Machine? No Yes
Send from Email? Yes No
Recieve From Email? Yes No
Need a Fax Machine? No Yes
Need an analog line? No Yes