2020.03.30 PSA - cellular is not reliable - have a backup plan! (video)

Due to the high demand being placed on cellular networks (in part, all of us working from home, compounded by call forwarding (which uses two channels for each call), the networks may not keep up with demand. See video or read on...

The above video contains this same message and may be easier to share with those who need the information

That can mean dropped or failed calls, and delayed or UNDELIVERED TEXT MESSAGES. This is important, because people often assume text messages are reliable - but they are only a "best efforts" service.

With all this in mind, if you are keeping in touch with kids, or relatives, or anyone who might depend on you...

You should have a backup communication method.

This could be Facebook or their messenger... WhatsApp, Signal, Riot.IM(Matrix), TikTok - We don't want to start a debate - for this purpose, it really doesn't matter what it is - it just has to be something you agree on and all have installed / available.

Take the time NOW, to talk someone who needs your support through the setup / configuration, and agree on what a reasonable response time is.

If they try to reach you and fail, they can use the backup method.

We hope this idea helps someone during this crisis,


BitBlock Systems, Inc.