2020.03.24 Ongoing intermittent cell phone network congestion [NEW NORMAL]

For the forseeable future, users of all telecom networks can expect to see intermittent congestion, but there are ways to help reduce the issues.

Note this is NOT a BitBlock issue - our network has NOT reached capacity or become congested.

The effects of this congestion will include:

  • Lost text messages. SMS / Text messaging is NOT a "reliable" service. Message confirmation is not supported by many servers in operation. Networks may attempt to deliver messages, but due to congestion they may be dropped / lost. Consider alternatives.
  • Lost calls / all circuits busy. During the past week we have heard errors including things such as voicemail systems to busy to handle calls, mail boxes full, etc. Consider voicemail delivery - on our platform and others. This reduces the number of phone calls (you don't need to dial in to receive messages), and ensures your mailbox does not fill yup.
  • Removal of network data caps, combined with the increase of work at home, in addition to the increase of streaming entertainment use is adding to the issue as network latency has increased around the world. Netflix has responded (as may others) by reducing the bitrate delivered to help offset the congestion. This may result in lower quality video and is not a problem.


Please make an attempt to avoid or minimize call forwarding. Call forwarding utilizes two channels on the network the forwarding is performed on and contributes to network congestion. Use soft phones, or Find Me instead.