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If Schrodinger lived in a world with voicemail, he would have had another paradox....

Schrodinger's Voicemail Paradox. Unless you know for sure, the voicemail could be returned (alive) or ignored (dead).

In a world with no busy signals, a critical problem facing business today is knowing that your team is getting back to your clients in an efficient manner. While queue reports and both standard and custom reports on call details are possible, what often matters most to a client is how fast they get a callback.

Clients might expect to leave a message but they will not tolerate a missed callback.

PhoneOpts will allow you to ensure greetings are recorded, and can tell you how many messages are left in a mailbox - but how quickly are your team responding to clients?

Now you can know!

Requirements / Setup

A few changes are required to make this report effective. 

  1. All mailboxes reported need to use voicemail to email with no attachments
  2. Mailboxes need to be configured to deliver via link and remove from phone
  3. Staff need to be encouraged to click the link to play even if when they intend to call the client back regardless (which logs their response time).
  4. A contact needs to be designated to your representative to receive the Voicemail Stats Report.
  5. Your business / night hours need to be confirmed. Messages left during day vs. night hours will be tracked separately if enabled. This ensures staff not responding after hours will not skew the report.

What you can learn

With a few procedural changes, this report can provide valuable insight. For each mailbox you will know:

  • Mailbox Number
  • Mailbox Name
  • # of messages in the report period
  • Shortest (Best) time to playback
  • Longest (Worst) time to playback
  • Average time to playback.

Times are tracked for daytime / open hours separately from night time / closed hours. Using these reports, metrics can be developed and targets achieved.

Now you can identify problem mailboxes and ensure all your team works to meet the company goals.


Reports are produced weekly, and monthly. A report for a week (Sunday to Saturday) will be produced on Sunday and emailed. The monthly report will be produced on the first day of the month for the prior month. The monthly report includes the entire calendar month which will not align with the weekly report.

Please contact your representative to configure this valuable report!


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