Knowledge Base - *41 / *42 How do I silence the music on hold?

If you want to turn off music it's important to understand a few things. Hold music is set on inbound calls separately from hold music on outbound calls. Hold music choices include:

  • Default generic music
  • Customized Marketing Messages / Music On Hold (MOH)
  • Silence

Please keep in mind these settings can be changed for both inbound and outbound call directions. Inbound, the settings are based on the phone number the call was received on or the queue the call is directed to. For outbound calls, the settings are based on the extension that made the call.

Silence can be a powerful tool!

If you need to join conference calls and might need to take other calls while in your conference, setting MOH silence can avoid playing hold music into the conference. Setting up inbound hold music options can be done through support, but setting outbound hold music to silent can be done with a feature code!

To toggle hold music silence on / off:

  1. Select a line
  2. Dial *41
  3. Listen for the confirmation of your setting
  4. Hang up

Repeat this procedure to restore the original setting. Keep in mind, this setting is persistent. That means it will be remembered and used for future outgoing calls until you change it.

To set hold music to silence for a single call (great for occasional conference calls!)

  1. Select a line
  2. Dial *42
  3. Listen for the confirmation of your setting
  4. Hang up
  5. Make the phone call you want to be able to hold silently.
  6. If you need to re-enable immediately, just use the toggle process above

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Hate the hold music? Consider changing it instead of muting it! We can customize Media On Hold (MOH)  - please ask us how!

Keep in mind that with silence, the caller might think the call has dropped - consider warning them about the quiet?

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