Knowledge Base - Applying VoIP 911 Labels On Your Phone

In accordance with CRTC regulations, people using VoIP systems should be informed and aware of the differences in operations, particularly those relating to 911.

If your system uses "SIP Trunking" to an in-house server, please note that your telephone system may use our service (and possibly others), but it is either self managed or managed by a third party. In performing maintenance, please ensure to maintain proper 9-1-1 call routing.

To ensure easy compliance with the regulations, we can provide labels for the front and back of your telephones and other devices related to telephone services, such as network switches, UPS (battery backup), and related Internet components including modems and routers.

If you order additional telephones from us, we will ship the phones with labels already applied for your convenience.

For the front (or back of cordless phones) and other small devices, there is a smaller sticker which should be placed as such:


The label you receive for the back of your phone (and other devices) will be a larger sticker and will be placed as such:


If your company maintains an operations or training manual please consider adding a section on your telephone system as well as a link to our 911 documentation.

Our documentation is available on our website ( There, search for “911” or go to for information on VoIP and 9-1-1 / emergency services including a link to an PDF version of this document.

In the event you operate in multiple locations, please ensure you work with us to assign unique 9-1-1 CID for off-premise extensions.

Additionally, please remember that you can NOT “test” 9-1-1 without first confirming a time to do so with Support. Unauthorized testing can result in fines and service fees.

Please contact us using the form below if you require additional labels for your phones, or have any additional questions or concerns.


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