Knowledge Base - Voicemail PIN Complexity Requirements

In order to ensure safety for our clients' mailboxes we have implemented some basic password complexity requirements.

The following requirements are implemented during all password changes on the new platform after 2021-06-01.

  • Minimum 4 digits
  • No single digit repeating patterns (1, 11, 111, etc.)
  • No simple digit series (1234, 12345, etc.)
  • Not the current year
  • Not your extension or mailbox

Using good pins with voicemail to email enabled ensure optimal safety.

Forwarding voicemail to email is recommended. The messages are stored in your email system with the same security you use for the rest of your company communications. This minimizes exposure to other ways your voicemail could be accessed.

You can opt to not require a password if you access voicemail from your own extension or softphone. This is a security risk unless you forward voicemail to email (as anyone using your phone or soft phone or home phone could access your voicemail messages in addition to changing your greeting).

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