Knowledge Base - Yealink CP930W - Pairing with a Base Station

If you need to pair the CP930W with a new base, you first need to put the base in pairing mode by long pressing the button on the W60B. After the handset light starts blinking, release the button, and return to the CP930W.

A single W60B can handle up to 8 CP930W conference phones!

To perform an easy registration, simply press the "Reg" soft key when it appears under the "Unregistered!" message on the screen.

To perform a custom / "Normal" registration, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the OK soft key and then select Register Handset
  2. Select the desired base station and then tap the OK soft key. The CP930W will begin searching for the base station.
  3. Tap the OK soft key after searching a base station successfully.
  4. Enter the base station PIN (default: 0000), and then tap the Done soft key to complete the registration.
  5. To register to multiple base stations (if you have more than one / multiple locations), move the CP930W within range if required, and then tap the Menu -> Settings -> Registration -> Register Handset, then repeat steps 2 through 4 as required.

When the CP930W registers to a base successfully, the LCD screen displays "Handset Subscribed" and "Base XXXX" where XXXX is the last 4 characters of the base MAC address. Note these in case your technician needs to confirm this information.

If the screen continues to display "Searching for Base", check that your W60B is powered on, within range, and in pairing mode (handset light will be flashing).

Once your CP930W is paired, let your technician know the base number (e.g. "XXXX"), and handset number (1 to 8) of the new unit so they can complete your setup!


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