Knowledge Base - *70 / *71 How do I enable / disable Call Waiting?

The method described below is a system feature code. That means the change affects all devices connected to the extension. In some configurations, using a device feature may be a desirable alternative.

Call Waiting allows your extension to receive a second call while your extension is already engaged in a call. Depending on your phone, you may be able to swap calls or conference depending on phone features. If you do not answer the second call it will return to the system for handling (transfer, voicemail, etc.).

Dial *70 to activate Call Waiting. Call Waiting is deactivated by default.

Dial *71 to deactivate Call Waiting.

A device feature operates only on the specific device. If for example you had more than one phone in use on your extension (a home phone and a work phone) a device feature could allow the function at one location but stop it at another. A Feature Code changes the behavior for your extension - and all devices connected to it.

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