Dreaded Keyboard Language Switching (ENG CMS) - how to remove it

Sometimes you just want to type, in the language you know, and without accents or other characters making it non-sensical. This is how we removed ENG CMS

Since Windows 10 this has been an intermittent annoyance of mine - you are typing along and suddenly those characters which might be in ghostly blue on your keyboard are coming up instead of your beloved / and ? etc.

I fully support the keyboard of choice of everyone who uses computers, but I find it incredibly frustrating that my language keeps switching from ENG to ENG CMS (which stands for Canadian Multilingual Standard.

The issue seems to be that the manufacturer who prepared the computer made that keyboard the default without somehow installing it. But how to fix it?

When you look online, you can find many articles like this one:


Where some well meaning tech person has started asking details of the OS version, while the posted solved their own problem. Unfortunately the answer is burred at the bottom of the official MS tech response...

PM_594 figured out for themselves (Thank you!) :

finally figured this out after a week of searching.  In Windows 10 select Control Panel  | Clock Language and Region | Language. Then select English ( Canada ). Choose options | Add an input method and then select Canadian Multilingual Standard. Add and save. Then go back to Control Panel  | Clock Language and Region | Language and select English ( Canada ).  Choose options and select remove beside Canadian Multilingual Standard and save. This will remove it from the tray and your computer won't keep switching to it.

A "click" implies a "left click" while a "right click" will be explictly mentioned.

So in point form:

  1. Click start / the window button.
  2. Start to type "Control Panel" - but when you see it, click it to open.
  3. Depending on if you control panel is in "Category view", click "Clock Language and Region" and then "Language" or if in "Large icon" or "Small icon" view just double-click "Language".
  4. To the right of "English Canada" click Options.
  5. Click "Add an input method".
  6. Select the "Canadian Multilingual Standard" and click "Add" and "Save".
  7. Then repeat the process and click "Remove" and "Save".

This will remove it from the tray!

Ali F. wrote in to describe a method to allow keyboard switching by Alt + Shift while disabling Ctrl + Shift. He says:
Go to Settings > Time and Language > Set the Windows Display Language as English US > Then Choose another non-English Language in Preferred Languages > and, remove English from Preferred Languages > This way, your keyboard will switch between languages by Alt + Shift, and won't bother you when you press Ctrl + Shift. :)
There may be other ways too - we hope this helps someone :-)
Thanks, BitBlock.