Things that fall short of the mark (in our opinion). Where they do, why, and how... What could make them better?

An opinion piece with an example... about the security of numbers, specifically ID numbers, and how people outside your organization might use your exposed information.

The original Ring Doorbell was an amazing start to a new category of home automation, and the Ring Pro builds on that success - so why can't they play well with others?

The Ring was a little lacking on the appearance side, and although it could in theory be dual powered (by your existing doorbell transformer) most people we know seemed to install it using the rechargable battery. For that reason it was simple and it worked. If you had good Wi-Fi.

Google home broadcast is a neat feature rolled out a year ago (Fall 2017) without a lot of fanfare for users of Google Assistant, and Google Home devices, and it does NOT seem to have improved since.

It's simple - just say "Ok Google, broadcast." and the next few seconds of what you want to say can be echo'd through-out the home. Let us know if you hear this has improved?