Canadian Cell plans? Telus / Tom Harris woes.

Did you know that roaming charges are the only thing limited?

Canadian Wireless Code of Conduct:

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Hey @CRTCeng this was "fun". Recently, due to an oversight @TELUS or possibly @TomHarris we found we had an old plan with limited long distance in Canada, and pay per sms. More than $1,000 in overage because someone didn't change a plan. Let me be clear...

There IS a plan that included all the services that were used. And at the same price.

But no one at Telus was obligated to change our plan. Telus claimed repeatedly this is the responsibilty of our rep (Tom Harris). No one at our "rep" Tom Harris undertook this responsibilty, and they say they would review the plans only if requested.

We didn't notice / ask specifically about options for that account over the years, and so... we got a gigantic bill.

After hours on the phone and much gnashing of teeth, we did receive a discount for "good will" - but is it really good will? If someone had done their job (anyone - including us) we would have paid the same as always with no overage / fees.

How many people fall victim to this trap each year I wonder?

How often should you be calling your rep to make sure they are doing their job? Quarterly? Monthly?

Another case of consumer beware when dealing with a big telco.

Again, our rep says they do reviews when asked (people need to ask how regularly?!). That's just silly. The rep is informed by Telus when new plans are issued. They know who is using older ones. Easy to have this in a crm, and seek approval if it isn't automatic.

The important point is that until the rules change, Canadians are financially exposed to NO LIMITS unless their plan is specifically UNLIMITED.

If we all start asking for plan reviews more regularly we will reduce our risk - asking for the review (even if they don't do it properly) might give you some protection in sharing that liability, and maybe we will encourage the people with the money and IT departments to use software to make this easy.

Tell me I can switch to a new plan for virtually no cost that provides protection?

Will do it in a heartbeat.

Don't tell us, and you just make us angry.

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