Areacode 236 Has Growing Pains

Please note this issue is not on our network - see below for how you can help us fix though!

We have heard a number of issues with client reporting new phones with 236 area codes are not working.

We are not aware of these issues affecting any numbers we provision, however they have been observed when clients are trying to call other people. You might hear a busy or fas tbusy or the call might just end unexpectedly.

Please report any of these issues to support immediately and we will notify the host carrier.

So far all of these issues have been related to the host carrier not updating their routing tables or sharing the information about the new number ranges. This has been seen to result (for example) cell phones on the Bell network and Telus networks that could only be contacted from other cells on their own networks. The issue might be fixed if the person with the number reported it, but we can help our clients directly.

While the issue is not on our network or in our control we're happy to help escallate the issue to the correct carrier - just let us know the details of the number you were trying to reach and if for example you were able to reach them by using a cell phone or if you had received a call from the number. With the number and a date we can forward the details and get the issue fixed often in as little as an hour or two!

Thanks for your help!

BitBlock Systems, Inc.