2020.03.18 Congestion on carrier switch [RESOLVED]

We are aware of an ongoing issue regarding one of our carrier parnters networks. There is a telecom switch in toronto which is affecting some of our Canadian inbound numbers as well as some of our toll free services. [Since resolved].

The issue presents itself as a busy signal when someone calls your number. The issue is not on our network, but we have opened an issue with the carrier and are working on strategies to mitigate / work around the issue .

If you are affected, please open a ticket to receive an update on resolution or check here for updates.


PLEASE NOTE. One of the issues affecting all carriers is a higher than normal call volume caused by people attempting to call forward phones from "work" to home or cell. This is not an advisable strategy and is contributing to congestion issues.

Please review https://www.bitblock.com/blog/network/84-covid-19-update-work-at-home-options-explained for details on ways you can migrate to a work at home strategy.

Updates will follow.

2020.03.18 12:35 PDT - Issue reported partially restored.

Our tests confirm the issues we were aware of all appear to be resolved. The issue is not "confirmed resolved" by the carrier so there may be lingering intermittant busy / congestion.


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