Business Phone Services

BitBlock PBX Save money over traditional phone lines. Get more flexibility out of the your phone.

Connect Anywhere

Away from the desk or have an important call to take while away from the office? You can connect anywhere as long as there is good enough internet. It'll look like you're at your desk at your office.

Multi-location as ONE

Doesn't matter how many locations the company has. It can all look like one or seperate. If some location is too busy or offline, another location can handle the calls. Someone called the wrong location? No problem transfer them instead of telling them to call again. Each location can be it's own configuration. Here at BitBlock we know different locations require different requirements.

Advanced call features

Some features are auto attendants, voicemail, directory, voicemail to email, call display, call waiting, call fowarding, voicemail to e-mail, and MORE.

Plug and Play

BitBlock phones are shipped pre-configured. When you receive your phone(s) just simply plug them in and they'll be ready to make and receive calls.


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